Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Children of the Valley

Clark-Claudon began our harvest this week and here Laurie Claudon shares her thoughts:

Each harvest represents a collection of stories; stories of the season & the people who made it happen. This, my 36th Napa Valley harvest, has filled me with memories of all those stories. Best of all, watching my grand children “working” & playing in the vineyard & the winery has made me reminisce about my children doing the same. What a wonderful way to raise a family as well as the next generation of grape growers & winemakers!

Our valley is full of second & third generation kids who have been raised the same. For all of the adults, harvest, though joyful, is also a time of chaos, hard work & finger crossing. Yet, for the children it is a magical time of getting up before the sun, having a breakfast of ripe grapes, playing in the picking bins, joking with the vineyard workers, & running through the vines.

Many of the top winemakers & grape growers in the valley today initiated their passion with these early experiences.

Laurie Claudon,
Co-Owner & General Manager

Photos by Briana Marie Photography (daughter of Laurie Claudon)

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