Thursday, May 30, 2013

Auction Napa Valley: A Miracle Brought to Life

Napa Valley evokes images of California Wine Country and impressive vintners who have international recognition. Looking in from the outside one may miss a very important piece to the valley. In fact, this piece is probably the most important of them all, community. The best sense of this was summed up in a quote I repeat regularly from the North Bay Bohemian, "The rest of the world calls them rock stars but we call them neighbors."

The community of farmers and vintners that founded this valley worked together to make Napa Valley the amazing place it is today. The people of the area are the strength of the valley. The spirit of community involvement and giving has only grown as the Napa Valley has become more successful.

The Napa Valley Vintners has always recognized that the community makes us who we are and through Auction Napa Valley continues to deliver funds to local Napa Valley nonprofits that help keep the area we live in one of the best places on the planet. These non profits do everything from help keep Napa Valley green to assisting community members in their greatest times of need.

NEWS (Napa Emergency Women’s Services) has been helping those in need in Napa Valley for more than 30 years. Founded in 1981, NEWS created a shelter and services for victims of domestic violence at a time when these issues were not being addressed. In the beginning, the founding members of NEWS were unsure where their funding would come from or if it would come at all. Much has changed since then. The organization now thrives from community support to help women and children in need. Needless to say, the services have expanded to encompass all of the needs of the victims of domestic violence. From basic shelter to assistance with legal issues, help with children and a comprehensive website to assist remotely; the website has a panic button to shut down the page quickly in case danger is looming.

We applaud all of the hard working, selfless individuals that make NEWS a viable community service. Though NEWS now has multiple revenue streams to keep them going strong, the Napa Valley Vintners recognize the important work of the organization and donate generously from the funds raised at Auction Napa Valley.

Yes, Auction Napa Valley is a amazing experience . Yes, Auction Napa Valley has some of the best wine and food in the world. Yes, Auction Napa Valley has some of the best of the best on the planet. All of this is a miracle brought to life in Napa Valley by the Napa Valley Vintners that is then turned into marvels by you, the Auction attendee. Miracles that save lives by funding amazing nonprofits like NEWS.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Auction Napa Valley and continuing to make Napa Valley one of the best places on earth.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, there is help. Please go to the NEWS website today and find people that are there for you.

Christophe Smith
Titus Vineyards
#ANV13 Social Media Crew
@Cork_Dork, @TitusVyds

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