Thursday, January 17, 2013

Napa Valley Rocks: The Napa Valley Appellation Education Program

Diverse soils, climatic variations, ideal geography, people of passion, winemaking innovation, and groundbreaking land stewardship are just a few of the narratives that tell the unique story of what makes Napa Valley America's premier wine growing region. Now those stories are available in a series of short videos produced by the Napa Valley Vintners.

Narrated by "The Wine Bible" author and educator Karen MacNeil and set against the panorama of the Napa Valley landscape, the Napa Valley Rocks video series explores the confluence of factors that sets the wine region apart from any other in the world.

"Seeing is believing. Napa Valley Rocks takes viewers inside the valley in a way that mere words can't," explains Karen MacNeil. "Watching the videos, it's impossible not to be moved by the magical beauty of Napa Valley, and the passion of its vintners."

Based on three scientific studies, the Napa Valley Rocks videos piece together how Napa Valley's unique Mediterranean climate, extensive soil diversity, and innovative viticulture practices provide Napa Valley winemakers a unique spectrum of conditions to produce consistent quality wines. Through interviews with notable vintners and industry experts, the series brings to life the complex mosaic of elements that culminate in a bottle of Napa Valley wine.

Completing the Napa Rocks video series are segments on innovation and research, the fascinating history and evolution the Napa Valley as a great wine producing region, Napa's leadership, including the founding of the country's first Agricultural Preserve, and the unprecedented commitment by the vintners of Napa Valley to taking care of their community.

Learn more and watch the videos.

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