Friday, November 30, 2012

Economic Impact of Napa's Wine Industry more than $13 Billion to Napa County

The Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) released today the updated and most comprehensive report to date on the value of the region's wine industry titled The Economic Impact of Napa County's Wine and Grapes by Barbara Insel, founder of Stonebridge Research.

Key Findings in Insel's report:
  • The region's wine production has an annual economic impact on Napa County of $13.3 billion
  • The wine industry, directly and indirectly provides 46,000 full-time equivalent jobs in Napa County
  • Wine-related tourism generates more than $1 billion annually
  • The wine industry generates nearly $1.3 billion annually in local, state and federal taxes
  • The high value of the product speaks clearly to Napa's reputation for quality wine
  • Napa's vintners generate $84 million annually in charitable contributions
"This is the most comprehensive examination of our wine industry's economic impact to date, giving us a more detailed look from a multitude of resources, from one-on-one interviews with wine and wine-related businesses to local, state and federal reporting agencies," said NVV Executive Director Linda Reiff. "The Napa wine industry is healthy and thriving, fueling our local and national economies even in these uncertain times."

Insel's report noted that along with the renown of the appellation and the cluster of industry expertise in Napa Valley, the region attracted even more vintners, winegrowers, and service providers, making Napa a hub of the California wine industry.

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