Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sparkling harvest at Domaine Chandon

This is it!

The sparkling wine harvest at Chandon! We started on August 8 bringing in Chardonnay and finished with Pinot Noir from Carneros on September 17 — 41 days of nonstop activity.

Harvest in Carneros (left) and Yountville (right)

The first round of fermentation is now complete and the wine has been inoculated for malolactic fermentation...so after a busy month and half receiving fruit, racking, yeasting, etc. we can now relax and enjoy weekends again!!!

This year for us, at Domaine Chandon, was a special harvest as we inaugurated our new press pad. We quickly became familiar with our new equipment and everything went very smoothly and quite well.

Overall this year, we feel very fortunate. The wines are tasting great with bright acidity and beautiful fruit. We couldn't be happier about the quality of this vintage.

Thank you to our geat team!
 This year 6 countries were represented: US, Mexico, France, Spain, Argentina and Trinidad!

Cheers to a great vintage and good luck to the winemakers still in harvest mode!

Assistant Winemaker, Sparkling wines

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