Monday, May 7, 2012

ECVM Update

One new moth was found last week in a trap in a vineyard On Greenfield Rd, in Conn Valley east of St. Helena. All growers within 500 meters of the find were notified. This was an area that was not within 500 meters of finds in 2010 or 2011 so pheromones had not been placed in the vineyard. The grower has since put up pheromones for mating disruption. This brings the total number to 4 for the first flight of 2012 in Napa County. We are past the peak of the flight in most areas so we should not expect to see many more moths.

The majority of vineyards in the county are now at the ideal timing for the spray for the first generation. All growers who put up pheromones for mating disruption should still treat for the larvae of this generation. All other growers who did not put up pheromones but are in the treatment area should also treat. This includes the growers in the treatment area in Pope Valley, Chiles Valley, Howell Mountain, and Gordon Valley. Treatments should be applied in your next scheduled mildew spray in the next two weeks. For growers in late developing areas this spray should go on one week later in 1-2 weeks. For conventional growers, one application of Intrepid at 12-16 oz/a or Altacor at 4.5 oz/a should have enough residual to control this insect for this first generation. Organic growers should start now with applications of BT products at 1-2 lb./a or Entrust at 2.5 oz/a and cotinue for three applications. Olive trees in the treatment area should also be sprayed at this time with either Dipel or Altacor as they are a host during bloom. Please follow all label instructions when applying any of these products. And just a reminder to report all applications on your pesticide use reports including the Isomate-EGVM pheromones for mating disruption.

Thank you all again for your cooperation so far, as pheromones were distributed to nearly 99% of growers in the treatment area. Keep up your efforts with the spraying of the larvae for the first two generations and we will have a very good shot at getting rid of this pest.

Martin Mochizuki

Napa County EGVM Grower Liaison


707-252-9218 fax

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