Monday, April 2, 2012

European Grapevine Moth Update

Almost 95% of the growers in the EGVM treatment area in Napa County have picked up their Isomate pheromones and are in the process of deploying them in the field.  These should be placed at 200 per acre above the fruiting area, in an area that will get some shade during the season.  These should be applied immediately as the projected first flight for EGVM has started based on the degree day model, even though no moths have been caught yet in any traps in the county.  These pheromones will last all season so there is no danger of applying them too early. If you have any material left over after your application, please return them to the Agricultural Commissioner's office or let me know and I can pick them up directly from you.  Also, please report this application on your monthly pesticide use report.  The pheromone application should be reported as 1.94 oz/ac or 200 dispensers/a.

If you have not picked up your material yet it is still available at the Ag Supply (Wilbur-Ellis) in St. Helena.  For growers with 2 acres or less you can pick your material up at the Agricultural Commissioners office. 

The first spray applications should not be applied until just prior to bloom.  For most growers this will be sometime in May.  More details on this later. 

Martin Mochizuki
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