Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Napa EVGM Treatment

Approximately 90% of the growers in the Napa EGVM treatment area have picked up their Isomate pheromones and placed these dispensers in their vineyards.  If you have not done so already, now is the time to put up these pheromones for mating disruption.  These can be obtained through your dealer or picked up at Wilbur-Ellis in St. Helena, and will be paid for by the county of Napa.  These should be applied at 200 per acre.  For those who have extra pheromone dispensers please return these immediately to the Agricultural Commissioners office or contact me and I can pick them up at your vineyard.  If you are in the treatment area, and have a vineyard of 2 acres or less contact the Agricultural Commissioners office or myself to set up an appointment to receive your material. 

As a reminder all vineyards in the Pope Valley, Chiles Valley, and Howell Mountain areas should not use pheromones this season as these areas are targeted for deregulation and the use of pheromones will hinder the ability to detect the moths in pheromone traps.  Growers in Gordon Valley are also discouraged from using the pheromones in order to aid neighboring Solano County growers in the deregulation of their vineyards. 

Residential treatments will begin shortly in the southern and eastern parts of the city of Napa, and also in areas of American Canyon. 

Spray treatments are recommended in all vineyards that are in the treatment area, but should not be started until just before bloom.

Thank you for all your cooperation so far, and please call if you have any questions.

Martin Mochizuki
Napa County EGVM Grower Liaiosn
707-252-9218 fax

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