Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why Not? Let's Throw a Party!

It's happening!  Harvest is getting underway all over the valley.  The sweet smell of fermentation is becoming more noticeable in the cool night time air, grape trucks and limos are filling up Highway 29, and everyone is excited/anxious for the coming months of hard labor.  It is a busy time of year, not only because we have grapes to make into some of the world's best wines, but because people love to come out to Napa to see the process.  It is the perfect excuse to throw a party!
    On October first we will be hosting our annual Harvest Party, not only to celebrate this wonderful time of year, but also to release our 2008 reds.  We have an amazing line up for the evening, Chef Casey Thompson, one of the finalist from season three of Bravo's Top Chef, is coming out to do the food.  Not only is she amazing chef (I have been blessed on a few occasions to enjoy her food), she is also a joy to be around.  For entertainment we have Dave the Butcher from Marina Meats and Avedano's coming up from San Francisco to demonstrate the fine art of butchery, and it truly is an art. Dave treats each animal with the utmost respect, and loves sharing his knowledge with anyone that is interested.
   If you are interested in joining us tickets are available on our website. Hope to see you here!

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