Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It only happens at harvest time!!!

The flood gates have been opened, with grapes rolling in at a rapid pace. We are now pressing four or more lots per day. Four loads is a manageable day and five loads requires clock work precision receiving the grapes and loading the press. Six loads per day is what makes interns cry and seven loads is just plain crazy.

Well that's the kinda Monday we had, five loads we're scheduled and there was the opportunity to sneak in a sixth early in the morning. However we were surprised when the early delivery was late, which was kind of strange as this management company always delivers on time...then, when I was told there was another trailer at the bottom of the road, I knew we were in for an interesting day. The sixth load picked heavy and required a seventh. The good news is that the fruit came from a desirable vineyard and that more was better than less, the bad news was that seven loads is seven loads. With a mountain of fruit to process the cellar team put their heads down and got to work. They all had such a great "Let's get it done!" attitude. You never know what's going to happen on any given day during harvest, but with a great team nothing is impossible!!

Keith Hock
Schramsberg Vineyards

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