Sunday, May 29, 2011

Boxers or Briefs?

Napa in your pajamas.

Sounds like some fun! Barrel tasting with a group of Victoria’s Secret Models! But wait, it’s only fifty five degrees in the barrel room. I guess they’re all wearing flannel. Bummer, dude!

Perhaps I’m being too literal. What I’m actually trying to get across is that it's easy to participate in Auction Napa Valley! This year our E-Auction features over 150 lots. Even better than the convenience of browsing, bidding, and even winning these lots from home is knowing that all the money goes to support health, youth, and affordable housing non-profits in the Napa Valley.

…and oh, how technology has changed since we started…

When the E-Auction was introduced in 2005, there were no iPhones, iPads, Androids, and what Blackberrys were around were clunky monstrosities. DSL in your home was a luxury. If you asked someone about “WiFi”, the response would probably be “WTF”.

Today, we are so connected, you can reach out and connect to the 2011 E-Auction with so much ease…it’s all around you. You can bid from any number of places:

  • While sitting on the beach
  • From the gym
  • Join the Mile High Club! Many airlines now offer WiFi on board.
  • During a dental cleaning
  • Inside a confessional booth

While I hope you all share my unbridled passion for the E-Auction, there are certain places I highly recommend you please do not check on the status of your bid, including:

  • During a job interview
  • While breaking up with someone
  • A public restroom at the airport…that double click may be mistaken for a foot tap.
  • From a funeral

…and, in all seriousness, please do not bid while driving.

The quality, diversity, and sheer fun creativity behind all the lots this year are unparalleled. Have fun browsing! Bid early, bid often, and have a great time with us online as we strive to pass the $100 million mark in funds raised for our community!

Andy Schweiger
Schweiger Family Vineyards
E-Auction Chair

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