Sunday, May 29, 2011

Auction Napa Valley 3.0

This year marks the 31st anniversary of Auction Napa Valley and as with most things, the auction keeps improving with age. While we've dabbled in technology and social media in past years, in 2011 we decided to jump in - feet first. So whether you're joining us next weekend for the wine charity event of the year or following all the action from home, read on for all the new tech-friendly ways you can plug into Auction Napa Valley.


SCVNGR is a cool new iPhone and Android application in which participants do challenges, earn points and collect rewards. To up the 'technie ante,' we decided to jump on the bandwagon and develop a fun SCVNGR game for our guests at the Friday Barrel Auction & Marketplace event. So get your camera phones ready and brush up on your texting skills - SCVNGR will be your guide to a new Auction Napa Valley experience!

1. Download SCVNGR via your app store or at
2. Click on ‘Treks’ in the main menu and select ‘Auction Napa Valley’
3. Click on ‘Auction Napa Valley’ above the map to complete challenges and earn points
4. View point progress and unlock your reward under the ‘Info’ tab


Auction Napa Valley is on Twitter! Whether you're tweeting at the event or keeping up with the latest news from home, be sure to use the hashtag #ANV11 to share your experiences with other Auction Napa Valley followers.

Unless you have a penchant for mentally blocking big screen TVs from view, you won't be able to miss the #ANV11 tweets at the Friday event - three Twitterwalls placed throughout the event will follow the #ANV11 conversation.

QR Codes & the mobile E-Auction

Don't want to type a long web address into your mobile phone to bid at the e-Auction (which, by the way, is open to bidders across the globe)? No problem! Simply scan the E-Auction QR code at the right to be brought to the e-Auction bidding page. And oh, did we mention that the E-Auction site is mobile phone friendly? Check!

Online 3-D Catalog

Left your Auction Napa Valley catalog at home or simply looking to browse (and drool) over the Live Auction lots? It's all online - no really, the whole thing! Check out the 3D version of the catalog here.

So the moral of the story is...if you love technology, social media and Auction Napa Valley, don't forget your cell phone charger next weekend!

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