Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An Optical Illusion- Optical Sorting at the End of Harvest

Saintsbury is in the midst of its peak of harvest, and after this week only a few blocks will remain unharvested. We finished harvesting our Brown Ranch estate today, and due to this crazy season, we only harvested an average of 1.48 tons per acre. We're happy with the concentration and quality, we only wish there was a little more!

Today, we also finished harvesting our Home Ranch, the blocks surrounding the winery. We are trialing new sorting equipment today, an optical sorting device that Walsh Vineyards Management operates. The optical sorting is customizable to the winemaker's criteria and can be used to eliminate raisined fruit, green fruit or shot berries. Due to the heat wave we had a few weeks ago, we experienced some shrivel of exposed fruit on the west side of the rows at this vineyard. The optical sort is doing an amazing job at removing those berries from the line before the whole, sound berries go to the tank.

After this week, only a few lots of Sangiacomo Chardonnay remain, as well as two blocks of Syrah from our vineyard series, Sawi Vineyards and Rodgers Creek. Happy harvesting!

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