Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Introducing Our New Vineyard Manager

Little Matthew is as excited about the maturing grapes as we are!

Last week he joined his Papa (Alan Viader) out on a vineyard check and became quite a fan of our Cabernet grapes. Since he's not even 10 months old, we can't exactly trust him to make all the picking decisions, but with a winemaker dad, and chef mom, he's sure to have a trustworthy palate. And of course, his winemaker grandma Delia would expect no less!

Harvest officially started on Monday at VIADER, located halfway up Howell Mountain on the northeast side of the Napa Valley. Picking days usually start at 4:00am, and may take several hours to process, depending on the section and quantity picked.

So far, it's been going very smoothly, as we have small lots to pick, and the weather is in the mid-70's this week. It is supposed to be warmer this weekend, so it is sure to get really busy very soon!

Here is a view of our tractor carrying the 1/2 ton picking bins through the rows. Again, there are mere inches of space between the tractor tracks and the vines, requiring precision and accuracy for long periods of time. Alan is the designated tractor chauffeur. After close to 10 harvests under his belt, he knows how to handle the tractor down the steep rocky slopes.

Tia Jani (Aunt Janet)
sales & marketing at VIADER

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