Thursday, August 26, 2010

Napa Valley Harvest 2010 Begins!

Despite temperatures that reached beyond 100 degrees (the hottest day of the year thus far!), Napa Valley Vintners braved the heat and gathered on Tuesday night at the beautiful and historic Beaulieu Gardens in Napa Valley to celebrate harvest. The timing could not have been better - we learned from our friends at Mumm Napa Valley that Tuesday officially kicked off the start of their harvest, the first grapes picked in the Napa Valley! The word on the street is that the other sparkling wine houses are not far behind - this Friday Schramsberg plans to pick their first grapes and throw their annual harvest kick-off party, and we'll be on site to capture the festivities.

As we enter into this incredibly exciting and energizing (not to mention exhausting!) time of year, we invite you to keep tuned to our UNFILTERED blog for the most comprehensive, “fly-on-the-wall” harvest updates that you will find in the Napa Valley. With over thirty “Harvest Reporters” that range the gamut from winemakers to first-time harvest interns, winery owners to front line hospitality staff, our goal is for UNFILTERED to tell the complex, collective story of a Napa Valley harvest. Follow us along as we embark on Harvest 2010 – your comments and questions are encouraged!

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