Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Life on the Crush Pad

Pressing; pressing; pressing. Shown here is our basket press, gently squeezing the remaining juice from the Tempranillo grapes. One complete cycle for this press takes 24 hours.

Alan says we have only about four lots to go before everything is pressed and "barrelled down" (transferred from tank to barrel). The remaining wine is happily contained in the stainless steel tanks inside the winery at around 70+/- degrees. On average, the skin contact was around 50 days for all the wines - that's a lot!

And in the middle of everything, we bottled our 2007 VIADER Proprietary Cabernet Blend, and the 2007 "V" Petit Verdot Blend last Monday. Since our own bottling line only does about 500 cases a "day" (read: a very loooong day), and our 2007 VIADER is about three times that, we hired a mobile bottling line to get it done in one day. Well, I guess the large formats and half-bottles were bottled over the weekend, so it was more than one day! Today our friend Valerie Lenhart waxed the tops of all the big bottles (3L, 6L and 9L). She has to wear a back support belt!

As the holiday nears, we will break for Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately the whole family will not be together, as I have a trip to the East Coast... Wine will definitely be served with Thanksgiving dinner on both coasts. :)

Janet Viader
Sales & Marketing at VIADER

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Russel said...

Thanks for posting an alternative grape press picture. I am looking for different ideas.