Monday, September 7, 2009

Who needs a Refractometer when you've got Winery Dogs?

Going on his 10th harvest, Kodiak doesn't need to measure the Brix (or sugar) level, he can just smell it!

Delia Viader, who is the owner/winemaker at VIADER (and also my mother) was the one who discovered Kody proudly showing off his fresh catch of the day -- a ripe cluster of Cabernet Sauvignon -- during last year's 2008 harvest.

Half-way up Howell Mountain in Deer Park, our estate fruit is rapidly approaching full maturity. So quickly in fact, that my brother Alan, our vineyard manager and winemaker, had to cut his recent travel plans short and will be returning this Wednesday and expects to start picking first thing Thursday. He and his wife Mariela are currently in Utah representing our private bottling of "Robert Redford Reserve" Cabernet Sauvignon that we bottled specially for Sundance.

Hopefully Alan can get to the grapes before Kody does!

Janet Viader
sales & marketing at VIADER

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The Other Ann Miller said...

Kody's recommendation is good enough for me!