Monday, September 28, 2009

We're Not Alone

At VIADER, the mountain is filled with wildlife. I spotted a few tracks this morning while walking through the vineyards.

Wild turkeys! This is the time of year when they strike wherever and whenever they can. The result is massacred clusters, with whole berries missing, or berries with punctured skins ultimately leading to the demise of the individual berry... These bird brains travel in large flocks, hiding out in the nearby forest. Besides the threat of being chased by our Dalmation, Lady, and other predatory critters, this is a turkey's paradise.

Here's another critter siting from our neighbor's property, Burgess Cellars, taken in late January. But I also found large cat prints this morning in our vineyard.

This is not your small feline friend, but a bobcat. The bobcat seems to still be actively chasing those jack rabbits, ground squirrels and gophers that rule the underground here.

Raccoons, rattlesnakes, black bears, mountain lions... There's no doubt that Deer Park, CA is the country. Last year, the same neighbors called us last year to warn us: "Hey, we chased a black bear out of our property and it went into yours!"

Luckily, we haven't yet faced the dark furry darling. We can just sit back and enjoy the view.

Best regards,
Janet Viader
sales & marketing at VIADER

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