Thursday, September 3, 2009

Waitin' In the Blocks at Spring Mountain Vineyard

I feel like a sprinter in the blocks dealing with a series of false starts. We thought we’d be off and running on Tuesday, September 1st. We tasted fruit and 'no go', not ready.

So off we went to taste again for a Thursday start. 'Ready, set and No' once again.

We tasted Sauvignon Blanc again this morning guessed it...'Not ready'. OK starter, put your gun away.

We’re going to kick harvest off next Tuesday when we’re done with Labor Day and the grapes are finally ready to go.

Have a great holiday and we’ll see you early (very early) on Tuesday the 8th to show you our first day of harvest.

P.S. Left to right in the photo are Ron Rosenbrand, SMV Vineyard Manager, me, and Leigh Meyering, Associate Winemaker

Spring Mountain Vineyard
Jac Cole, Winemaker

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