Thursday, September 24, 2009

Race Horse Runnin'

Time goes by like a race horse runnin', open up the gates, she takes off
--"Race Horse Runnin'", The Nickel Slots

Everybody, everybody, let's get into it.
Get it started, get it started, Get it
--"Let's Get It Started", Black Eyed Peas

The horses are at the gate...and they're off!

Today we finally got things REALLY under way. I've got to keep this post brief as it's 6pm and I still have to press 7 ton of Chardonnay fruit tonight.

I'm ecstatic with the quality of the Chardonnay we picked today. Tomorrow we jump into Merlot and will probably finish Merlot for the season. Cabernet is not far behind.

We celebrated a blessing of the grapes today, officiated by long time family friend and minister, Pastor Ted Muller. The sound is a little low, and it's typical Andy Shaky Cam, but video below.


--Andy Schweiger, Winemaker, Schweiger Vineyards.

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